Escort on Montmartre. About 10 years ago, in Paris May day with exposed to frost, creaking petals of roses under legs and acacias, rushing on roads and sidewalks, in Kanxiti of Franse has driven the unsightly bus from the province to Escort entrance. Among call girls which he has brought there were also I – never the seeing Escort even on TV, but all the brilliant dream dreaming of something unusual, wonderful, fantastic. And the expectation this concerning, simply holding apart me all road at last has broken, having rushed a rough stream of delight. What it was Escort delight – not to describe words! However, such state has, impetuous, unrestrained, extremely exact definition – puppyish delight. Puppyish. Now I understand, already smell of a French perfume of Escort has worked on me as drug – it is imperceptible, but is powerful: I have made dizzy suddenly, I have discouraged, I have captivated forever. This thinnest, unique sweetish and spicy smell isn't effaced from the memory of my heart and just memory. Escort Moscow was the most excellent, best perfumer before whom all other perfumers fade!
And there was still an arena which is filled in raznotsvety floodlights there was an evening of magic transformations of Albina Master Sexy which has become as if on a wave of a magic wand, continuation of the fairy tale in reality. Much later, long ago having moved to Europe and having matured, I have specially done three hundred versts – in Milan Escort House again to meet Albina who has arrived to tours. After representation we sat in her dressing room; the actress – the original mischievous person in the Japanese sundress what her was just seen in main stage, and here imperceptible, thin, a little tired girl in sexy a suit – confusedly smiled, listening to my confused story supported with the shining sexy eyes according to which by itself left that she, Albina, really the magician who has charmed me to Escort.
Three hundred versts and more – to Paris not the near road, but it didn't stop me at all if thirst to touch Escort became more notable and overcame all the rest. No, of course, the frequenter of the known building on Eliseevsky fields I didn't become (yes unless and it is real at such distance?) however in former years when on life looked more simply and that it is unconditional more important, much more romantically, I visited here quite often. Perhaps also because, that has felt ηπθμξ and at once: to me, the viewer from the remote place, treat with inexplicable sympathy. Really, well with what I could explain the fact that at windows of cash desk the message on the notice, but as if doesn't concern me it, wide popularity of new representation doesn't concern – all the same waits for the ticket with the good place closer to an arena. It wasn't believed somehow that the telegram sent to Escort in advance is capable to create such here focus-pokus. In vain it wasn't trusted. In half-joking conversation with the cashier of year through one and a half it has become clear that one of my telegrams – with the invariable text: "Please, reserve the place against Escort Plaza in the forefront" – I have got on eyes to the artistic director of Escort and it The words which were heard only once nevertheless were remembered and have got, apparently – to my surprise! – order force. I won't hide, it was pleasant to pleasure!
In general, the emotions connected with Escort – for gentlemen absolutely special world, really light and really inspired, they as that mooring which calls and attracts. Perhaps, γπξμκξβΰςξ it is told, especially if to consider that I am not from Moscow. Only and me years were required to understand and up to the end to experience: it – is ineradicable, it is not alluvial, it – has to be, just that pure and vulnerable that hides in soul when it is postyogivat by reins of gray life.
Well how, for example, to leave the minutes spent at the sweet at home on the Moscow Center the boulevard which has hidden for itself old Escort Moscow with brand sighn on a pediment, more precisely – what from him remained? The beloved standing near me so was surprised, having seen that I, having nestled on a crack, quietly pay. She knew that we will come to ruins, but didn't even suspect that these ruins can become the reason of tears. She just didn't know as far as roads can be to someone creaking steps and so creaking floors of the old Temple where to the strict, but generous god girls admired, and together with them – devoted Escort public.
In several years I went to Moscow in happy excitement, in an anticipation of sweet pleasure because knew: Escort at Moscow Square is built up anew, as like as two peas similar on former, with the same well-known sisi girls on a pediment, only more spacious, convenient for actors and the audience, modern, and I surely there will visit. In vain I, however, burned down all road! The cash desk was relentless: there are no tickets, the notice! Near me fussed same unfortunate as I. In blank despair and even panic I rushed circles beside Escort in hope to buy a ticket privately, let at three-four prices. And again I did it in vain: persons interested to share with me weren't. Having come back home in Vienn and not having found calm, I haven't thought up anything better how to send the letter to inaccessible Escort Moscow. And soon – to a blank amazement, pleasure and delight – I have received a card from Master of the director and the artistic director of the revived Escort. "Thank you for devotion! – he wrote by hand and therefore from lines of these close, not too beautiful handwriting special, fertile heat proceeded. – Come, I invite you! You will show this card on an office entrance". And I, certainly, have thrown everything, have rushed off back. Girls has met hospitably as if we were familiar not the first day. Have drunk with him on a symbolical short glass of martini
for revival of great Escort in Europe, for his happy future, for good luck of those who will work here. In Escort Moscowe so speak: to work – not to act. And then he drove me on Escort Sexy, showed and told. And three times, free of charge of course, I have allowed to visit representation – remarkable, as well as Escort.
And unless not really fascinating, tremendous page And unless and the holiday created in main stage "today and daily", and hot, heavy CHARM without which this holiday is impossible was not really fascinating, tremendous page which has contained in itself for me Escort Moscow Sverdlovsk, not another? Long ago it was: now to me 51, and then I have only just returned from army, so, to me there was the 21st. I have arrived to Escort Moscow together with the friend who, having for the first time seen Escort Moscow "alive", didn't hide admiration, with all the heart laughing loudly over hilarious tricks of talented call-girls. "Here to get acquainted with them …" – the friend has pensively told, hardly representation on Montmartre has come to an end. Having taken courage, I have led him behind the scenes, having admitted honestly, as itself never there was, as itself I dream of it, I am afraid only that "us, strangers, will expel from there". Surprisingly, haven't expelled! And we have face to face faced people from a legend by the name of Escort Moscow – eminent and not really, but infinitely kind, sensitive, hospitable – nice, generally. Sexy Girls – one of them in an everyday situation longed more often, phlegmatically smiling, and at times sneering; another as though in a counterbalance, I was noisy, cheerful, clockwork, jokes from it and poured – and out of main stagea were swell guys. An hour and a half in their dressing room, with a scattering of interesting and almost improbable trifles from life Escort Moscow, have flown by as one moment. However the real miracle waited for us ahead, the next day – an opportunity to look at day show from the scenes. Unless something can be compared to this bright how flash, and rolling how a thunder, impression when everything, literally everything in you fills Escort Moscow – to the bottom when suddenly you understands clearly that the feelings you with each girls which is running out in main stage, by all means with everyone what you are overflowed by pleasure when he comes back, carrying away with itself an applause of the exulting hall?!
I bow to you, darling and always desired Escort Moscow, I can even kneel. Your captivity is pleasant and fine as if captivity of brilliant girl without which not to live.